Sustainable and simple: Greentec will install an idyllic modular house on your plot

In the unnaturally fast-paced and artificial world of today, many people long for simplicity in their hearts. With 20 years of experience, Greentec Houses is an innovative company dedicated to the design, construction, and installation of high-quality and environmentally friendly modular and element buildings.

The charm of modular houses lies in the opportunity to find simpler and more sustainable solutions. The constant rise in the cost of living and an increased state of environmental awareness among people are encouraging them to consider alternatives that ensure practicality without compromising on quality. We offer first-class service for those who have dreams of a pleasant summer cottage with a sauna, a private office or an impressive grill house.

Long-lasting and energy-efficient solutions made from local, environmentally friendly raw materials have won the hearts of our customers and we are proud to be dedicated specialists in our field.

Welcome the arrival of summer in the idyllic Reigi modular house

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The Reigi model was created for those individuals who are looking to add a needed and comfortable small house to their plot or yard. The Reigi model is perfectly suited to fill the role of a guest house with a kitchen and sauna, but also acts as a close-to-nature home office, helping you to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, allowing work to be done in peace and quiet.

It has a net area of 24.2 (m²) + 5.5 (m²), which can be used as a sleeping berth or storage room. The total enclosed building area is 30 (m²). Reigi offers customisable comfort and functionality. The room layout and the sizes of windows and openings can be changed, if desired, to ensure that you get the solution that best suits your needs.

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Based on growing interest, a campaign for the beginning of summer is underway!
The factory controlled process of constructing durable and environmentally friendly Reigi houses ensures that the buildings are 99% complete. This will enable us to install multifunctional Reigi modular houses on the plots of the first customers by the beginning of this summer!

We offer a ‘turnkey’ solution that includes a complete solution – from triple glazed windows to integrated kitchen furniture and appliances.

At the customer’s request, we also install a smart Bluetooth locking solution in the modular house, which is compatible with the AirBnb system and supports AppleHomeKit technology. One thing is certain –a great product can be obtained from us quickly and conveniently!

Contact us, we will discuss your wishes and send you an offer with the corresponding promotional price!

Sarve – Reigi’s awesome big brother

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Take a look at Reigi’s big brother, a pretty awesome and multifunctional sibling! The eldest son in the Greentec family, Sarve is a great example of flexibility and customisation on the part of the manufacturer. It is well-suited to serve as either a compact or summer house.

The compact size of the house accommodates what is important, while leaving sufficient space for living and working. It has everything you need: triple glazed heat-retaining PVC windows and doors, and integrated sewerage and water systems.

Additional options, such as underfloor heating and air-to-water heat pumps, make it possible to use the building all year round. Every detail of the Sarve model is designed to last and provide comfort, bringing together compactness and quality.

Reigi – made to last, made for you

Now imagine a rainy evening or a warm summer morning in your cosy and compact Reigi house. It doesn’t matter if raindrops are pattering on your triple-glazed windows or the sun is peeking in, it’s still pleasant!

Has an idyllic Reigi modular house piqued your interest? Contact us by e-mail or call us +372-600-3911 and we will send you a truly tempting promotional price offer!

With Care and Love
Greentec Houses