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Are you looking for compact extra space for your plot or yard?
– for a compact house
– for a home office/ small business space
– for hosting guests/accommodation business
– for a senior citizen’s house, move the elderly parents to the private area of the home yard.

If you found an idea that matches your needs among these lines… then this product is just for you. It is possible to vary the room layout and the size and location of the openings according to the customer’s wishes. Examples of possible variations among images. The high-quality modular house produced by us is easy to move, and if your needs change during its period of use, it is possible to realize it with a high aftermarket value.

Technical information

Net area (m²) 24.2 + 5,5 sleeping berth
Building area (m²) 30
Height (mm) 3920
Width (mm) 3590
Length (mm) 8590
Weight (kg) 8300

Price* 36 722 EUR

Price includes

  • Basic package
  • Floor structure
  • External wall construction
  • Roof construction
  • Internal wall constructions
  • In the sleeping berth area above the shower room and the universal room
  • PVC windows with triple glazing
  • PVC external door with triple glazing
  • Parts of sewage and water pipelines inside construction structures
  • Installation pipes inside construction structures for electrical cabling

Additional options (Selecting additional option will change total price)

  • Interior finishing package
  • Interior wooden panels instead of interior finishing particleboard
  • Sauna finishing package with electric sauna stove
  • Sauna wood-burning stove/fireplace and chimney
  • Decorative grid wall elements for external walls
  • Impregnated wooden terrace elements
  • Safety products for the roof
  • Installation materials for the post foundation
  • Kitchen furniture with appliances
  • Air-Air heat pump
  • Toilet excrement separating seat, instead of ceramic WC seat
  • Packing module in plastic
  • Steel profile base frame

Investment calculator

* Displayed price includes VAT (Estonian VAT). Transport and installation costs are added to the product price.